Nonio A11y

Accessibility resources for Nonio to set up baseline accessibility to ensure the platform can accommodate as many people as possible.

Table of Contents

Front-end Accessibility Checklist

In every pull request, developers are required to review the HTML code based on the following guidelines.


// Informative SVG
<svgrole="img"><title>Accessible label</title>...</svg>

// Decorative SVG

Links and Buttons

Button Link Combo

⚠️ I hope you never have to do this but if you do...

Title Attribute

Skip Link

  <a href="#main-content">Skip to content</a>
  <main id="main-content">...</main>



Other Checks

A11y Dev Tools

In-browser A11y Check Tools

Screen Reader and Browser Testing Setup

The following should be used as the standard setup for testing accessibility.

Mac and iOS