What a day! Next steps for Nonio

Definitely didn't expect such a big response from the hackernews post. Thank you all for your support and for playing around. My little Vultr VPS served up 6.5 million requests across 100k unique users. We also had 1.5k signups! I'm blown away by the response.

Avocado and myself moderating the new userbase

I wanted to communicate what's next for the platform both to set expecations, and for you to provide feedback.

Immediate future (next 2 weeks)

My next two weeks are going to be crazy. I work for Figma, and we have our yearly conference next week where I'm responsible for a major feature launching. I have prior commitments there, so I'll need to focus on that. That said, I'll be working on fixing two major bugs that have been reported:

  1. Subscription cancel button is not working. If you need your subscription cancelled immediately, please email me at j@jjcm.org.
  2. XSS injection attack vectors. Thank you for all the testing here. There's been two identified areas where XSS attacks are possible. Security needs to be a top priority, especially since funds are involved.

Medium future (July)

I'll be taking off two weeks in July to focus on Nonio. During that time I want to implement the following:

  1. Link the financials to the UI. Right now the financials are just a JSON file. I want to link this to the UI so you can see your current balance, and how much you've earned.
  2. Merge in the mobile css. There's an active branch I have for this, and I'm about 60% there. This will be focused on the browsing experience rather than the submit experience.
  3. Add support for markdown. This should be relatively simple.
  4. Fix non-chrome browser issues. There's a ton of these that came up. I'll be working to make sure Firefox and Safari are first party citizens.

Long term future (August and beyond)

This is where I'd love your feedback. What would you like to see over the long term? Here's some ideas I have:

  1. Native app support. Would love collaboration here if people are keen. I want to have a model where I share 30% of the server fee with the app developer if the primary way a user interacts is through an app.
  2. Better moderation tools. I want to make sure that the site is a safe place for everyone. I'm not sure what this looks like yet, but I'm open to ideas. Right now this is just me handling moderation.
  3. Video thumbnails. More minor, but it feels hard to know that something is a video currently. Having an affordance to expand and play can go a long way here.

I'm also open to other ideas. I want to make sure that Nonio is a place that you want to spend time on. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm excited to find out.